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    Sound Bytes and Video Clips

    banjo teacher
    Sound Bytes and Video Clips
    Pinecastle Recording Artist
    Ross Nickerson

    I have some sound bytes and also some video clips from live performances.
    I hope you enjoy them, Ross Nickerson, Banjo
    There are a lot of soundbytes and videos on the page, keep scrolling to see them all

    or use these jump down links.

    Jump down the page for soundbites From CDs:

    Let's Kick Some It / Blazing the West / Evolution
    The Banjo Encyclopedia / Scruggs Style Instruction / Live Video Live Dobro Banjo Videos
    Let's Kick Some Ass

    New Ross Nickerson CD
    Let's Kick It

    Straight ahead bluegrass banjo recorded with members of Blue Highway, Rob Ickes, Shawn Lane, Tim Stafford and Wayne Taylor. Just Released
    Hear a Sound Byte

    Sound bytes of all 14 songs here

    Let's Kick It

    Purchase 11.95

    These are bonus tracks that are inlcuded in two new books
    I'll Fly Away

    Bonus Track from Gospel Song E-Book Medley /
    She'll be Coming Around the Mountain, Sailors Hornpipe, Oh Susanna, Turkey in the Straw

    Bonus Track from Children's Songs for Banjo Made Easy
    New soundclip, Roundhouse by Ross Nickerson on newest CD
    Here are two cuts from the Advanced Songs chapter in the Mel Bay Book by Ross Nickerson, The Banjo Encyclopedia

    John Henry
    Train 45

    Tab for these songs in The Banjo Encyclopedia
    banjo encyclopedia

    banjo membership
    More free banjo songs, free banjo video lessons, banjo music, Ask the Banjo Teacher column with Ross Nickerson and discounts at member's site
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    banjo scruggs style
    Blazing The West Pinecastle Records
    Song Downloads! Now you can download individual songs from Ross Nickerson CD, Blazing the West, and download the tab files too. Click here for more info

    ross nickerson cdpinecastle

    Ross Nickerson-Evolution CD
    15 songs including: Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Remmington Ride, Stairway to Heaven, Ground Speed, some originals and more.
    cd evolution

    christmas cd
    A Christmas Gathering

    Sample of Ross Nickerson's contribution to Pinecastle Records Christmas CD with Country Gentleman, Jesse McReynolds, Eddie and Martha Adcock Larry Stephenson and more.

    Oh Come All Ye Faithful

    Videos of Ross's New Band X Train

    XTrain Live in Maleny, Australia

    Ross Nickerson Performance Videos / 17 or more in all
    There are 17 in the player at this time, after you hit play,
    To view the next video just hit the forward arrow in the player

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    New Live Video of X Train from Harrietville Bluegrass Festival in Australia

    The clips are live videos with the sound quality suffering some but
    you can certainly see how much fun X Train has picking and performing.

    9-25-06 Live cut of John Henry by Ross Nickerson with three time IBMA Dobro player of the year Rob Ickes and bass player Chris Walls
    John Henry Live

    Members only site for more videos and lessons
    Become a member and these videos above in the You Tube Player are available to download and save to your computer.
    Ross Nickerson
    As a member you can save videos to your computer. The members site now has over 90 free videos, 50 lesson and song videos with matching tab and over 100 free tab files.

    Members only site for more videos and lessons

    Ross Cd's
    Click on the CD image for info

    Ross Nickerson signature model Banjo Dobros

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    Ross Nickerson signature model Nick Kick Banjos

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    Live Video, Ross Nickerson, Yukon Drive from Ride CD

    Video of X Train, someone unknown filmed us live at Tucson DBA Bluegrass Festival

    Two cuts from a live show in AZ-06

    Live cuts Arizona 4-06
    Bluegrass Breakdown
    -Ross Nickerson-banjo
    Salty Dog Blues-Ross Nickerson lead vocal and banjo

    Check out the New Online Lessons The new lessons include over 100 Must Know Licks in nine different important categories of banjo playing. The subjects covered are Beginnings, Endings, and Turnarounds - Must Know Scruggs Licks - Backup Banjo - Up the Neck Banjo - Slow Banjo Styles - Blues Banjo - Bending the Strings - Chromatic, Triplets and Fun Licks, along with Melodic and Single String Styles

    online banjo lessone I've also upgraded the videos for my Beginner courses, added four new songs in high qualify video, and ....another three new lessons that are keys to advancing, How to Use a Metronome and Timing Exercises, Playing Chords to a song with a Simple Roll and Learning the Chord Forms Up and Down the Neck.
    Click here to find out more about these new videos
    More Videos, more audio songs below too
    Oh Susanna
    Feeling Low
    - Original Song
    Ross Nickerson
    Performing a Patriotic Medley at the Bay Area Bluegrass Association Concert, Houston, Texas-4-2003 Patriotic Medley
    See a video of Ross Nickerson performing El Cumbanchero at The Maryland Banjo Academy 2002 Click here for video
    Video of Ross Nickerson sitting in with Del McCoury Band at Calgary Folk Festival click here
    Video of instructors performing on the 2005 Banjo Cruise
    Click here for video of instructors playing Cripple Creek at the Banjo Cruise faculty concert
    Ross Nickerson performing original song Feeling Low the 2005 Banjo Cruise Faculty Concert. Also El Cumbanchero.
    (excuse the sound quality with the streaming video, it has it's limitations, when you download the soundbytes you'll get a more accurate tone quality)
    Feeling Low Banjo Cruise 2005
    El Cumbanchero
    Banjo Cruise 2005
    Tab for El Cumbanchero is available in the Blazing the West CD and Tablature book Patriotic Medley
    You can save the videos by right clicking the link and selecting "saving target as" or "save".

    Members only site for more videos and lessons

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    Transkriber software for slowing down banjo licks now available and on sale.
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    The Banjo Cruise

    5-string Banjo Workshop cruise to the Caribbean

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    whats new
        whats new    

    Free banjo songs and sound clips from banjo cds and live banjo videos.
    This page also has free video clips and banjo lessons.
    New free songs including Stairway to Heaven on banjo along with many other banjo songs free to download at

    Present services, upcoming plans and goals for Banjo Teacher.comMy vision for Banjo is to have a huge resource for banjo students to draw from. Right now I offer quite a few books I've written, along with Videos, DVD's, CD's, and many different Online Lessons you can download from the Internet with many more works in progress. I'm carrying some other well-respected materials and accessories and we are expanding all the time. Banjo offers some free tabs, sound bytes, instruction, learning tips, along with a members site that features many streaming video and tablature arrangements that are free to download. I'll try to keep up to date information on the latest learning methods and unique accessories that may help you in your quest to learn and improve on the banjo. I will be doing lots of work on the site in the upcoming weeks, months and years. Please check back frequently and watch as we grow.

    Ross Nickerson
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