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  • Banjo Advice - Left hand muting

    Banjo Advice - Left hand muting

    Dear I recently purchased a Tennessee Crafters banjo and it has great sound. I am struggling with my left hand muting/interfering with the 4th string. The neck is (apparently) narrower than my previous banjo and the 4th string is very close to the lower edge of the neck. Is this something I might Read More

  • How to Attach a Banjo Strap

    How to Attach a Banjo Strap

    When you attach a banjo strap it is normally best to attach it to the head tightening brackets. First attach it below the neck on the side closest to the floor around the second bracket down. This will support that neck. On the other side. I attach it one or two brackets below the tailpiece.Read More

  • How to Change Banjo Strings

    How to Change Banjo Strings

    Here are some tips on how to change banjo strings that I’ve learned and taught over the years. It’s a very good idea that you change your strings regularly so your banjo will sound it’s best and will stay in tune. Regularly is dependent on how often you play, the climate you live in, whether you keep the banjo covered or leave it out and if you wipeRead More

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