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  • Beginning Banjo Rolls

    Beginning Banjo Rolls

    When you are beginning to learn banjo rolls, the most important thing to remember is the roll is determined by the finger pattern used not the strings played. For example a beginning banjo alternating thumb roll, sometimes referred to as a “square” or “box” roll is T I T M T I T M (thumb index thumb middle)Read More

  • How Hard is it to Play the Banjo?

    How Hard is it to Play the Banjo?

    That is important first question for those of you are itching to take up the fun of playing 5 string bluegrass banjo. In my years of teaching the banjo and also handling much of the customer service at, the question “Is learning banjo hard?” or “how hard is it to play the banjo” is one that comes up a lot and often first!Read More

  • Learning 5-string Banjo Chords

    Learning 5-string Banjo Chords

    earning 5-string banjo chords is easier than you might think and it won’t take you long, just a little bit of practice exercise and repetition.Often banjo players struggle with learning chords simply because they get very involved with picking and do not take the time to practice the fretting hand.Read More

  • Your First Banjo Lesson

    Your First Banjo Lesson

    Your first banjo lesson will be an exciting day filled with anticipation and expected nervous energy wondering what to expect.Read More

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