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Online Banjo Lesson Reviews

Online Banjo Lesson Reviews

Banjo Lesson Reviews for Ross Nickerson Online Lessons
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......just wanted to say that I purchased the beginners lessons and I am very satisfied with the video content. I have been learning to play the banjo for about two weeks now and I'm really loving it. The videos are great and I am learning fast. I started with just learning the rolls and getting them down to where I can play them at a reasonable pace. I am still not fast but I will get there with time and practice. I can say however that in two weeks I am already playing cripple creek at a moderate pace and loving it. You have done a wonderful job in the video series and I would recommend them (and have) to anyone. 

Ross, I'm really enjoying my lessons so far. I feel like I have the forward roll down pretty well and am ready to move on to the other roll patterns. I felt like I had a teacher sitting right in front of me. Thanks for creating such an awesome site! Margaret Young

.....I've gotten further with your FMB download than with any other form of instruction. I've only been playing since June, but your Song of the Month has helped me produce sounds that don't scare the cat. Well done!

I just wanted you to know, I have spent some time looking over the lessons, and these are better than anything else I have ever looked at. Great job!!! Klaus

....Hi Ross, Thanks! The lessons are great. Just what I needed to jumpstart my playing with some new material. Already hard at work on Jesse James and some others. Really appreciate the lessons.

I just want to express my appreciation  for your Online Banjo Lessons. Everything is really well thought out and organized . I'm starting to love to wear the picks. This will keep me busy for awhile, I would recommend banjo to anyone and you'll have my return business. 
Thanks, Clayton Dodd

Hi Ross and Kathy, Thanks for the info....I really look forward to learning lessons from your far you've been very professional.......awesome website....keep up the great work! Regards, Ricky Nashville TN 

...As always, the download was fine and I have both book and music on my desk now! Excellent service as always. Have a great weekend. Cheers Mike

........I successfully downloaded ALL the lesson materials last night. The download instructions which came right after checkout worked perfectly and I have to say that I am REALLY impressed with both the website and the lesson materials I have viewed so far. When I found I knew I'd hit the motherload and look forward to both the lessons and my membership. The email I just received from you only makes me more certain that my choice to 'go with' was the right one! Thanks for the excellent materials and customer support. 
Jean Schwartz

…..Hi Ross, Just wanted to say thank you for the help in getting started with the banjo. It's something that I've wanted to do for a number of years, now, and I've finally committed myself to it. I've purchased a some of your on-line lessons and it's been great to see my progress at the end of each practice session. The lessons are very well laid out and the videos are extremely helpful. Thanks again! Jim Kilpatrick Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi Ross, 
.....I wanted you to know that my playing is coming along nicely because of the online lessons.  Everything is well presented and I have ordered many of the additional resources.  I am combining the website with regular lessons from our local music shop.  My teacher can’t believe my progress!!  Thank you so much for managing the website.  ... Best, Laura Blockel

......This is just an update to my last post. It has now been close to two months and I am totaly amazed at how fast I have pick up the banjo with your courses. I am now playing Cripple Creek to speed along with Foggy Mountain Breakdown. The videos are superb and I would recommend them to everyone (I actually do). In two months I have gone from never holding a banjo to playing in a bluegrass band and sitting in on Bluegrass get togethers. I am 36 years old with carple tunnel and arthritis and it has not slowed me down. My wife is amazed and now my 9 year old is using the courses I have purchased to learn himself. Thank you for the excelent job you have done with the video series and helping me realize my dream of playing the banjo. I have had four banjo instructors who have heard me and are amazed at how much I have learned in two months. Please keep in mind I practice about three hours a day. First hour just messing around, second hour practicing my rolls and the third hour practicing a song. THANK YOU ROSS!

.....I've been struggling along at a painfully slow rate since I got my Banjo at christmas. I got a book with a cd but found it hard going, and I was becoming fed up very quickly. Then I discovered these online lessons. Now I feel as though I'm getting somewhere, and more importantly its fun again! I would recomend these lessons to anyone who cant get to a proper teacher. Nick

.......After ing and purchasing a few beginner dvds I can't express how Great your instructions, layout and videos are. Getting everything so promptly (within Hours) was terrific, I downloaded everything and it all looks greatand is working better than expected. The way you describe visually in " learning to pick the right way" is the BEST I have seen. I will be purchasing more Items I'm sure. I'm HOOKED.....Thanks again I'm thrilled and excited 
of what I see with all the documentation and videos....Great purchase and you can print that!!!! Ginter from CT.

.....Ross is an awesome banjo picker and I just hope I can learn to pick somewhere close to his calibur. His teaching rates are very reasonable and affordable so that just about anyone can learn if they have a desire.

......You probably get this a lot, but thank you Ross for the extremely valuable service you are providing, and for sharing your wonderful gifts and talents.You are an absolutely amazing banjo player and musician. Like so many others, I truly appreciate everything you are doing, and hope you will please accept my gratitude and admiration.

......I bought several downloadable lessons and songs and have been making great progress! Thanks, the downloadable lessons are great for us overseas students. I'm a lifelong guitar player who always wanted to learn Scruggs style banjo. Now I'm doing it and loving it! Thanks again.

...........I just wanted to express my appreciation for the work you have put into your lessions. I am 36 years old and i am now realizing my dream of playng the banjo. I ordered my first lesson from your site November 2004 and practiced my heart out until I just couldn't pick anymore. Due to work I was unable to practice the month of January because of how late I was getting home. It is now February and I played with my very first session 
with a bluegrass band here in Oregon. I'm sure you can still remember that first time you played your first song with a group. I still have goose bumps and it has been a couple of days. Your courses have allowed me to not just love and listen to bluegrass but also love and play bluegrass. Even though I am limited to Cripple Creek boy can I go. Your lessions are very easy to follow even if you have never had "music ability". You soon will. Keep up the good work and keep the lessions coming. John Wright

........You have a good product. Your lessons are easy to follow, and are complete in their directions. I am 68 years old, and learning to play banjo. Talk about an old dog learning new tricks ! Thank You ! Jim

......Dear Ross, I am so glad to have found your site. I purchased your 18 song package about a month ago and can already play your arrangement of Cripple Creek at a moderate tempo. I really cannot imagine a better or more complete way to learn an instrument than using your online video lessons with supporting pdf, midi, and tableture files. Thanks so much for sharing your techniques and making learning easy and fun.

Ross…………. Thanks for your contact to insure I had no problems with downloading the material…. I had absolutely no problem downloading and opening the lessons……..Listened to a number of them while downloading and cannot thank you enough for the quality and value of the purchase..….I believe what I found with your lessons will provide me with everything I have been looking for, for some time to come………..Your playing is fabulous, your format and layout is perfect, your instructional videos are excellent, and you offer an excellent selection of “oldies” to work with and I am really looking forward to learning what you have to teach…………

Thank you again……..I know I will be coming back to your site for more....I have been in business myself for over 30 years and certainly enjoy giving a “recommendation” for value in products and services offered by anyone)……….

Hi Ross,....I'm on the road a lot and this is a great way to learn the banjo. I already am fluent with the guitar and piano and have been so for 20 plus years, playing with many bands. Doing it through the internet at my own pace is a great way to learn. I have already mastered 2 tunes. I look forward to getting to the advanced lessons in due time, but meanwhile I take my laptop and banjo with me on trips. Its like having a tutor in a box. Cheers, Marty Dalto

Easy viewing on Windows, Mac, IPad, IPhone and Droids.
There is no expiration for the online access and you can download and keep the videos, MP3's and Tabs too. 
All of Ross Nickerson's highly respected Banjo Lessons at one low price.
You receive instructions to access ALL these lessons immediately after purchase!

Beginner Banjo Courses
Comprehensive banjo lessons for beginners just getting started. Get off to a correct start and learn proper technique.
Download Banjo Songs 
24 Banjo Songs with video, audio, tablature, All songs performed at slow medium and fast tempos
Practice Habits
Learn how to improve everything you play, progress faster and get the most from your practice time.
Improve Banjo Timing
What could be more important than good timing when playing the 5-string banjo? Ross makes it easy to learn and put to work.
Playing in the Keys of C,D,E,F, and Up the Neck
Ross teaches easy techniques to quickly transpose the songs you already know in open G tuning to other keys.
Banjo Licks
Learn the important building blocks of five string banjo technique and some 
hot banjo licks along the way too
Up the Neck, Backup, Speed, Melodies 
Learn up the neck, how to play backup, how to adapt songs to the 5-string banjo and how to play the banjo faster.
Backup Tracks to Practice wIth
If you'd like to be jamming with others and improve your jamming skills these backup tracks are a fun way to improve in a hurry and break away from tablature.

Save and buy all the online banjo lessons

Purchase the entire catalog of Video, Audio and Tablature lessons available by Ross Nickerson that are listed above for one low price. These lessons include lifetime access. 

With the All Online Lessons for one low price you also receive 
a separate free one year membership to 
with more lessons and discounts. 

Regular price when purchased separately would be 204.85


All Online Lesson details membership details 

Sample Lesson Videos
Other Banjo Lessons Available
All Online Banjo lessons available for immediate download!

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