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Recording King Banjos has several lower priced banjos that are perfect for beginner banjo players. The price is right and the quality is right there with one of the best banjos I feel there is to learn on. The Recording King banjos are very well designed by a banjo expert, play in tune, have great tone and I highly recommend them.

Recording King RK R 20 Songster - Beginner Banjo Special
Video of RK R- 20
Ross Nickerson - owner of Banjo
Beginner Banjo - RK R 20

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    $429.00 $449.00
    Reduced price!
    The Songster RK20 comes is shipped free in the US, inlcudes a case and other free items listed below. We offer basic or complete banjo set up before delivery. The RK 20 by Recording King is an excellent beginning banjo to learn on. On sale 429.00This price still includes the free items listed in the right column and Free US ShippingRecording King R-20...
  • $499.00
    The Recording King Madison RK R-15 is an underestimated little power pot of a banjo. I love this banjo for beginners and I personally recommend it over others in the same price range. I recommended it to the young student below in the picture and you can see his joy. It has a lot of the same parts as the more expensive Recording King models, the same...
  • $329.00 $449.00
    Reduced price!
    On Special SaleThe manufacturer reduced the price and I have one left. These are an excellent Beginner Banjo from Recording King and our price is way below its normal cost. It would be a great deal. These came in three colors and I have the most populare one, black. The Black Starlight Series resonator banjo has all the specs you expect in a traditional...
  • 3 Reviews
    Check out this new Recording King model, the RK R 30. They call it the bluegrass machine. Its a great sounding banjo at a great price. We offer professional set up, free shipping, free hard case and free instructional help with each purchase. RK 30 Company Description Recording King is proud to introduce the all-new RK-R30-BGM tube-and-plate flathead...
  • 6 Reviews
    We offer FREE professional set up and FREE 5th string Capo Spikes installed FREE on the Recording King RK R 35  Maple Bluegrass Banjo.The Recording King RK 35 is an awesome affordable 5-string banjo that is great to learn on. It's a perfect banjo to lay back and pick on the porch and keep for years and years to come. They are excellent quality and a safe...
  • $509.00
    The Recording King RK OT 25 is a 5-string open back old time beginner clawhammer banjo that has authentic old timey banjo tone and is easy to learn banjo on.We offer professional set up and other free items to help get you started learning clawhammer banjo with the Recording King OT 25. Product Description The Recording King Madison banjos offer players...
  • $599.00
    Built with the same care and attention we give our professional level banjos, but priced within reach of any player, the Bluegrass Resonator (RK-R18) delivers traditional banjo sound and playing comfort well above its pay grade. Whether you're a beginning picker or a seasoned vet, you'll put some serious mileage on your Bluegrass Resonator banjo in no...
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