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Greg Allen Signature Model Stainless Steel Banjo Picks
Some people’s fingers are to close together when playing with the coated picks. So I can coat them ...
Gold Tone OT-800 Long Neck
My first banjo was a goldtone and it has served me well. However many of the musicians who led me to ...
Gold Tone AC-5+1 Banjo with an Extra Low G String
Very good banjo been playing it a long time and it's held up.
Gold Tone OB-Grandee Gold Plated Bluegrass Banjo Granada
This is the banjo I have been searching for all my life. I bought a Twanger a few years back, and i ...
Gold Tone CC-100RW (WIDE NECK) and Case FREE Beginner Package
I have played other instruments in my life and was set on getting a banjo at some point. Where I'm f ...
Gold Tone OB-Grandee Gold Plated Bluegrass Banjo Granada
Got the banjo today and couldn't be happier. It's beautiful and sounds really pretty. If I played ...
Gold Tone OB-150 Bluegrass Banjo with Brass Flathead Tone Ring
Got my banjo today! Oh my goodness! Your going to get me fired from work,all I want to do is sit aro ...

Banjo Supplies 

Banjo Accessories and Supplies

Find bluegrass banjo supplies that make playing and learning banjo easy. We have the lowest prices and reasonable deals on equipment. Get ready to play with our banjo tunersbanjo tuning pegsbanjo pickups, and banjo tone rings. Our banjo set up section has everything you need to get ready to go, as well as main...

  • Banjo Bridge
    Banjo Bridge

    Banjo Bridges

    Find the best banjo bridge to use for your banjo at
    We carry bridges that work for gibson mastertones, stelling, deering, nechville, ome, bellbird, burlile, gold tone, goldstar, morgan monroerecording kings and any 5 string bluegrass banjos4 string banjos or even six string banjos.

    Learn how to replace your banjo bridge with this video from Ross

  • Banjo Straps
    Banjo Straps

    Banjo Straps - Made Specifically for Banjos

    Leather Banjo Straps, Adjustable Banjo Straps, Cradle Banjo Straps, Hand Made Straps and Straps for Beginner or Lightweight Banjos carries a large variety of banjo straps that are specifically made for banjo carrying only banjo straps that we've actually used and can recommend. We have leather banjo straps, quick release strapslow priced banjo straps that have leather tabs so there is no metal to metal noise, cradle banjo straps and custom made banjo straps. You have to have a good strap for a banjo, one specifically made for a banjo and attach it correctly to your banjo.

    Customer Comments
    "Hi Ross, My order just came in. The all leather strap is excellent leather quality (I used to hand tool/carve out of sides of leather so I know something about it). It attached and adjusted easily. Really a good idea, that leather looping through leather adjustment. It came in just in time to show it off tonight at the Friday night jam. That $10 banjo stand is nice an compact to tote along and is more stable than using my guitar stand". Dennis Lottman

    "I attended the very first banjo camp that Ross held in Nova Scotia and was super impressed with his approach to playing, his dedication to teaching, and his knowledge of banjo products. I now look to BanjoTeacher for advice on what to buy. It’s really nice to have a personal attachment to a vendor and I value the relationship greatly. Keep up the great work!" Thanks Gord

  • Banjo Picks
    Banjo Picks

    Banjo Picks

    Banjo Thumb PicksFinger Picks and Special Banjo Finger Picks for Learning Banjo

    We carry a large selection of thumb picks and finger picks for the banjo. We feature comfortable coated for comfort banjo and finger picks. Check out our cobalt coated special designed custom picks made for Ross Nickerson called "Nick Picks" and read reviews of them. We also carry left handed thumb picks, blue chip thumb picksclawhammer picks, women's sizes, cobalt coated pickschild size and smaller size thumb and finger picks.

  • Banjo Capo
    Banjo Capo

    Best Banjo Capos

    These models of capos I carry are the best types of capo for banjo and what I recommend.

    Some models you can easily adjust the pressure on the strings which causes minimal need for returning. If you prefer the quick capoing action of the spring loaded capo The Paige banjo capos are really good quality and hold up very well.

    We carry 5-string caposcapo spikes and sliding capos and some practical advice for when and when not to use a capo and returning the banjo after putting a capo on.

    We also carry the best banjo capo of it's kind on the market - Hand designed and crafted by banjo innovator, Bill Stokes

    I can count on Ross to sift through all of the available stuff and only carry what he considers as worthy....Thanks, Gord

  • Banjo Parts
    Banjo Parts

    Banjo Replacement Parts

    We have a large selection of banjo replacement parts.
    We stock armrests, tailpieces, replacement tuning pegs, tuning buttons, tone rings, bridges, tension hoops, resonator hardwarereplacement brackets for tightening the banjo head, head wrenches, coordinator rods, truss rod covers for banjoshoe and brackets for open back banjos and other important parts to the banjo that have been lost or need to be replaced.

  • Banjo Pegs
    Banjo Pegs

    Banjo Tuning Pegs and Planetary Banjo Tuners

    We carry the best low price 5th string banjo peg and banjo planetary tuning peg replacements, whole sets of planet pegs for banjo and replacement tuning keys or buttons for broken tuning pegs. We have discounts on D-Tuners, complete sets of Keith D tuners, the Keith straight pegs in gold and stainless along with the Cam D tuners called "Cheat a Keys", 

    Click on our tuning peg categories or scroll down to see all the planet peg replacements we offer.

  • Banjo Mutes
    Banjo Mutes

    The Best Banjo Mutes at

    Face it, banjos can be a bit loud sometimes, especially when you are practicing and when you need to practice quietly a mute is a great idea! We carry a variety of mutes from high end Mikes Banjo Mutes which are amazing Goldtone and Deering mutes. All of which Ross can recommend.

  • Banjo Tuner
    Banjo Tuner

    Electronic Banjo Tuners

    In this category we have tuners made for banjo, clip on electronic tuners for banjo, standard electronic banjo tuners that do not clip on, and a tuner that combines an electric banjo tuner with a metronome. Use the navigation links on the left for the different categories. 

    How to Tune a Banjo - Notes to Tune to

    Here is beginner banjo instruction for the notes to tune a banjo too. Listed are many of the most common ways to tune a banjo depending on what type of banjo it is. Banjo tunings included are 5-string banjo for standard bluegrass Open G tuning as well as C and D tuning, 4-string tenor tuning and plectrum tuning, 4-string "Chicago" tuning, 6-string banjo tuning, old time banjo tuning like double C and G modal and the low open E Banjo tuning like John Hartford used.
    Free Video on How to Tune a Banjo.


    5-String Banjo Tuning
    Standard Bluegrass G Tuning 5th G 4th D3rd G 2nd B 1st D
    Bluegrass C Tuning (Also 4 string Plectrum) 5th G 4th C 3rd G 2nd B 1st D
    Bluegrass D Tuning 5th F# or A 4th D 3rd F# 2nd A 1st D
    Double C Tuning 5th G 4th C 3rd G 2nd C 1st D
    G Minor or G modal Tuning 5th G 4th D 3rd G2nd Bb 1st D
    Low Open E Tuning 5th E 4th B 3rd E 2nd G# 1st B
    4-String Banjo Tuning
    4 string Tenor
    4th C 3rd G 2nd D 1st A
    4 string Plectrum  4th C 3rd G 2nd B 1st D
    4 String "Irish or Celtic Tuning" 4th G 3rd D 2nd A 1st E
    4 String "Chicago Tuning" 4th D 3rd G 2nd B 1st D
    6-String Banjo Tuning
    6-string Banjo Tuning 
    6th E 5th A 4th D 3rd G 2nd B 1st E
    6-string Banjo G Tuning  6th G 5th B 4th D 3rd G 2nd B 1st D
    Beginner Banjo Lessons

  • Banjo Stands
    Banjo Stands

    Banjo Stands at

    We feature Banjo Stands for resonator banjos and open back banjos that are sturdy and strong enough for a banjo with a low center of gravity for safer use. There are many types of stands for banjo you could use but we only carry banjo stands that we test and know will work for banjos. We have wood banjo stands as well as strong steel constructed stands for banjo. We also carry wall hangers for hanging your banjo on the wall in case that could work better for you too.

    As a banjo teacher the way I see it is if your banjo is easier to grab you may practice more which anything that encourages practice is always a good thing. Always use caution when using a Banjo Stand or Wall Hanger though. Use in a safe place with no swinging doors, dogs or small children!

  • Banjo Strings
    Banjo Strings

    Banjo Strings and String Discounts at

    We carry banjo strings for worn out strings or to replace a broken banjo string. We have  5-string banjo strings, 4-string tenor banjo strings, 4 string plectrum6-string banjo strings and also ball end banjo strings.

    Buy more than one set of banjo strings and get a discount. It happens AUTOMATICALLY when you add sets to the cart. That applies to any combination of banjo string gauges or sets too!
    Two sets $9  Three sets $12.99  Four sets $17  Five sets $20 

    As a banjo courtesy, here are the notes to tune a banjo to:

    Here is a free Ross Nickerson video on changing banjo strings and how to remove the resonator and tighten the banjo head too. 

    Discounts and no additional shipping cost when purchasing multiple sets
    Buy more than one set or any combination and still get a discount AUTOMATICALLY!

    It's Easy and Sensible to Save on Multiple Sets
    No matter if you purchase 1 set or 5 sets the shipping cost stays the same. You always need more strings so I would get an extra set or two and save.

  • Banjo Armrest
    Banjo Armrest

    Armrests for Banjo in All Sizes and Types

    Nickel, Wood, Gold, Stainless, Chrome and adjustable "one size fits all" Banjo Armrests. We stock banjo armrests for bluegrass banjos like Goldtone, Recording King, Gibson, Deering, Nechville, Stelling and other Mastertone style resonator banjos. We also have the Deering goodtime armrests, old time open back banjo armrests and armrests for child size or travel banjos.

  • Banjo Tailpieces
    Banjo Tailpieces

    4-string, 5-string and 6-string Banjo Tailpieces

    Here is a good assortment of banjo tailpieces I recommend as replacements or upgrades to your present tailpiece.
    I've tried them all an they work great. Ross Nickerson
    The top banjo tailpiece styles to choose from, kershner, straight line, waverly, presto models, tailpieces found on vintage banjos. We carry 4-string, 5-string and 6-string tailpieces.

  • Metronomes

    Best Metronomes to use with Banjo at

    Learn good timing on the banjo with hand picked metronomes by Ross Nickerson and
    Metronomes and banjo playing go hand in hand, that can't be stressed enough. How many drummers do you think there are that don't use metronomes to practice? Aren't we playing a drum with strings, an instrument that lacks sustain, just like a drum? Without proper timing, banjo playing sounds like random notes that go nowhere.

    My favorite metronome is the Matrix MR800. The MR 800 is loud and sounds like a drum stick hitting a block of wood which works best for me. It is very easy to use and also has a headphone jack for private practice. We feature quartz brand metronomes too, the Korg TM60 Metronome and Tuner,  We have the cadillac of banjo metronomes, the Boss DB-90 and the other high quality Boss Banjo Metronomes, the Boss DB-30 and Boss DB 60. Those are easy to use and even easier to carry along in your pocket or banjo case and feature a headphone jack. Here is a banjo metronome video to check out.

  • Banjo Cases
    Banjo Cases

    Banjo Cases - Hard shell and Heavy Padded Gig Bags has a great selection of banjo cases

    We sell hard shell, gig bags, shoulder bag heavy padded banjo cases with back pack straps, soft shell banjo case, light weight banjo cases that protect like a hard shell and banjo flight cases too.

  • Banjo Heads and Tools
    Banjo Heads and Tools

    Replacement Banjo Heads and Banjo Tools you Need

    Keep your Banjo sounding amazing sells Remo banjo heads, banjo replacement heads, banjo tools and banjo wrenches in all sizes for tightening a banjo head. Click to see a short Video Lesson from Ross on How to tighten a banjo head. We carry white frosted banjo heads, clear banjo heads, black banjo heads, rennaissance, fiberskyn and goatskyn heads. We carry both standard 11 inch and 12 inch sizes.

    We supply 1/4 inch, 5/16 and 9/32 size banjo head wrenches in several different varieties. Knowing the right wrench to buy can be tricky, don't hesitate to email or call us. If you tell us what banjo you have, we can tell you the right size to buy.

    1/4 inch is for most Gibson Mastertone Style bluegrass banjos with a flathead tone ring and one piece flange. The heavier bluegrass banjos and other bluegrass banjos that normally cost say 500.00 and up.

    9/32 is the common smaller size for beginner banjos with a hoop ring or no tone ring and aluminum pot "bottle cap" 30 bracket banjos.

    5/16 is the larger size used for clawhammer and old time specific open back banjos with the shoe and bracket system for tightening the head.

  • Banjo Pickups
    Banjo Pickups

    Banjo Pickups and Service at carries Banjo Pickups that we recommend from personal experience in using them. All of the pickups we carry are built to not affect the tone of your banjo when you are not using the pickup and to produce the most natural sound. We also have pre-amps boosting the volume and adjust the tone on your banjo pickup before the signal to the PA.
    We have Fishman Rare Earth Banjo PickupsGold Tone ABS banjo pickups LRr Baggs Banjo Bridge Pickup, Kavanjo built into the head banjo pickup, truss rod humbucker banjo pickups and other banjo pickup options.
    We now carry replacement metal shims for Fishman Banjo Pickups too.
    Call us if you need advice on banjo pickups or amps to use with banjo pickups. 1-866-322-6567 - Ask for Ross

  • Banjo Set Up
    Banjo Set Up

    Banjo Set-up and Basic Banjo Maintenance

    Get your banjo and banjo head clean with cloths, polish, fast fret and finger ease. We also carry string changing stands and other banjo maintenance accessories. We have a DVD available to help you learn to do your own banjo set up and maintenance.

    I recommend these banjo polish cloths to clean a banjo and the Dunlop polish works well for keeping your banjo clean too. The Dunlop polish does not have any chemicals and polishes really well on the banjo neck and resonator. Ross

  • Slow it Down Software
    Slow it Down Software

    Slow it Down Software for Banjo

    Learning Banjo Easier From CDs and MP3

    Slow down banjo music on CDs and MP3s with Song Surgeon or banjo videos from You Tube, DVDs or other streaming video with Video Surgeon without re-tuning. This makes it incredibly easier to learn and play along. You can even change the key to the song without re tuning your banjo.The Song Surgeon software works on both songs from CDs or MP3s and the Video Surgeon software works on DVDs as well as you tube videos or other streaming videos online on our computer.

    Hearing banjo licks slowed down with no pitch change is the ultimate learning too and works fantastic for learning those hard to get banjo licks. Now you can play along at a slower speed too and learn banjo licks you never thought you could hear.

    Song Surgeon    Details and Free Trial Downloadl

    Video Surgeon    Details and Free Trial Download

  • Tone Rings
    Tone Rings

    Banjo Tone Rings - Flathead and Archtop

    We feature replacement tone rings to upgrade you banjo sound and clarity by Sloan Tone Rings, Huber Tonerings, Nechville Tone Ring, JLS Tone Rings, Recording King Tone Ring and Pots,White Layde Tonering replacement, replacement Arch Top Banjo Tone rings, Tubaphone replacement tone ring, GoldTone Tone Ring and Dannick Tonering. The tone ring is like the motor on your banjo. Replacing your motor by upgrading your banjo tone ring can significantly improve your clarity up the neck, sound better with a capo on, make the bass/4th string come out and provide better overall response and "good" volume.

    Gibson Master tone Traditional Flat Head Tone Rings- No Hole, 20 Hole 
    Archtop Banjo Tone Rings and Gibson RB 1 hoop style Rings

    If you need advice or direction, give us a call. 1-866-322-6567. Only somebody who plays banjo will answer the phone.

  • Tone Enhancer
    Tone Enhancer

    Banjo Tone Enhancer

    Improve the tone of your banjo easily with the Banjo Mate Tone Enhancer. Its pretty amazing how well it works and its easy to install.

  • Music Stands
    Music Stands

    Check out our tabletop music stand for banjo tabs, books, and ipads, stageline tripod music stand, and ipad music stand mounting system with folio case.

  • Zero Glide Nut System
    Zero Glide Nut System

    Zero Glide Details

    The Zero Glide Nut System is an amazing innovation that will improve the tone and playability of your instrument immediately. It really made a big improvement.

    Read an article about the Zero Glide
    See an installation Video

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    Banjo Uke Armrest - Add or Replacement Armrest for Banjo Ukes This replacement banjo uke armrest by Gold Tone is designed to fit banjo-ukes with 8" rims and will also fit most other brands.Whether you are restoring an older banjo or looking to go vintage on your Gold Tone, this early 1900's-style chrome-plated armrest is perfect for adding an armrest to...
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    Fiberglass Hard Shell Banjo Flight Case - HDFB16 14" Resonator These white fiberglass banjo cases are amazing. These are the same cases used for the new Bela Fleck Bluegrass Heart banjo model.These are a quarter of the price as the leading Fiberglass Banjo flight case and just as good in my opinion.There is no reason not to get one of these high quality...
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    Presto Cast Tailpiece - 5PRESCAST-CJ Presto Cast Tailpiece as used on the Bela Fleck Bluegrass Heart Banjo and endorsed for tone by Bela Fleck This presto "Gibson" style cast banjo tailpiece from Gold Tone is a solid great sounding tailpiece. It is the tailpiece used and designed for the Bela Fleck Bluegrass heart model banjo and is endorsed for tone by...
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    The Ebony Banjo Head has a unique shiny black reflective look that brings out the lower frequency response of a banjo. This head has a very mellow tone with long sustain. Remo synthetic film banjo heads are trusted by every major banjo manufacturer worldwide due to their quality of construction, sound and performance. No longer available
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    Snark Rechargeable Banjo Tuner - AIR-1 Rechargeable Clip-on Chromatic Tuner with Colorful LED DisplaySo small, it hides behind your instrument's headstock. Recharges quickly and tunes lightning fast!Lightning fast tuning Hides behind headstock Rechargeable Ready light Low profile Spot on tuning No switches or buttons
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    Rickard Cyclone 10:1 High Ratio Banjo Tuners Set of Four - Colors Available; Natural Brass, Red, BlackA revolutionary advance in tuning machine design! The Rickard Cyclone 10:1 High Ratio Banjo Tuners are the best planetary banjo tuners you can buy now. They are a significant advance in tuning machine design. The totally new mechanism does away with...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (0)
    Rickard Cyclone 10:1 High Ratio Banjo Tuners - Set of 5 - Nickel with Pearl Buttons  A revolutionary advance in tuning machine design! The Rickard Cyclone 10:1 High Ratio Banjo Tuners are the best planetary banjo tuners you can buy now. They are a significant advance in tuning machine design. The totally new mechanism does away with conventional...
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    The TM-50 is the perfect daily practice partner that will support your development as a performer.The best-selling Korg TM series allows you to use the tuner and metronome simultaneously. Since this single unit is all you need for both pitch and rhythm training, it has become a favorite lesson tool for brass bands as well as many other types of...
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    Button Post Leather Banjo Strap for Banjos with Smaller Space to Attach the Strap - Patent Pending Fits Banjos with Smaller Bracket SpaceSpecially designed hand made leather banjo strap that fits open back banjos, lower priced beginner banjos with or without resonator and any banjo with the shoe and bracket design.The majority of quality banjo straps and...
  • 0 1 2 3 4 (1)
    The Original Button Post Banjo Strap - Patent Pending New Leather Banjo Strap  A leather banjo strap that attaches with a button post and has a safety catch as well.Also a new design banjo strap for banjos with a smaller space between the bracketsLeather Strap for Banjos with a Smaller Space between the Brackets Banjos with the Shoe and Bracket...
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    Superior CD-1530 Deluxe Hardshell 5 String Resonator Banjo Case Superior musical instrument cases continue the Saga tradition of high quality, durability and value. Look to Superior for your instrument protection needs. These cases are designed to meet professional standards, but priced with the beginner’s budget in mind. Every feature and choice of...
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    Snark Rechargeable Clip-On Tuner . The Snark Rechargeable is a new addition to the company's clip-on tuner family. It features all the same tried-and-true Snark tuner features with a new, USB-charging capacity. A single charge on this amazing tuner lasts weeks — no batteries needed! .No batteries to buy Charge lasts weeks or months Features new...
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    Fits All Banjo Damper Banjo Mute Banjo Head Mute Dampener Introducing the FitsAll Banjo Damper - a revolutionary product that's unlike any other banjo accessory on the market. Unlike an old rag or sock, the FitsAll Banjo Damper is designed to adjust your banjo's volume while also controlling overtones. This ensures that you can produce a clean and pure...
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    Cobalt Coated Picks by Bob Perry Buy these picks with the cobalt coating! You won't be sorry. I'm extremely pleased with this new innovation...Ross N A finish that makes other picks obsolete! Nasa has been using it for years in high-tech machinery, where expense was no object. Used on metals to reduce friction and wear longer. End Result Picks do not...
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    Dunlop Nickel Silver Banjo Picks Thicker .0225 Gauge for Better Tone Nickel silver banjo fingerpicks and thumbpicks deliver a bright and classic sound on banjo, pedal steel, resonator or acoustic guitar. Purchasing Picks - Adding Thumb Picks at a DiscountYou can purchase a set of two banjo picks OR choose to add thumb picks Choose your option below and...
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    Banjo Preamp and EQ Foot Pedal Fishman AFX Pro EQ Mini Acoustic Banjo Preamp & EQ for Banjo Pickups and Electric Banjos The AFX Pro EQ Mini Banjo Preamp & EQ pedal improves your tone and boosts volume on electric banjos and banjos with a pickup. This signal power boosting pre-amp features Feedback-Fighting Phase Control with adjustable tone and volume....
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    Gold Tone "No Hole" Tone Ring - 11" Brass Flathead Ring This 11" Flat Head Brass No-Hole Tone Ring is the engine under the hood of our OB-3 Twanger banjo. The Twanger has demanded the attention of some of the best banjo players in the industry right now because of its snappy and loud projection. One of the most notable features of the 11" Flat Head Brass...
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    Tubaphone Tone Ring 11" - Vega Tubaphone Replica Reissue This ring is a replica of the later version of the tone ring used in the Vega White Ladye called the "Tubaphone" tone ring. It uses a square tube which greatly increases the banjo's sustain and tone.It's the same tone ring used in the OT-800Link to the OT-800
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    Gold Tone Tension Hoop for Banjo  11" - Notched - 24 Bracket Chrome or Nickel Gold Engraved Banjo Tension Hoops also Available Engraved Gold Tension HoopGold tone has perfected these hoops for stability and clarity. This notched tension hoop uses the standard 24 notch Mastertone spacing for 11" rims. Uses round hooks.Comes in: chrome-plated...
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    Comfortable Spring Tension Thumb Pick for Banjo - Black Mountain Picks Adjustable Fits all Banjo Thumb Picks that "eases the squeeze" on your Thumb First Spring Loaded Thumb Pick in the World These comfortable form fitting fits all banjo thumb picks from Black Mountain use spring tension to ease pressure and fatigue that normal overly tight fitting...
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    Engraved Tension Hoop for Banjo - 11" - Notched - 24 Bracket Introducing a quick and easy upgrade to your 24 bracket Mastertone Style Banjo. Available in chrome, nickel, and gold these engraved tension hoops are made to fit standard Mastertone style banjos with 11 inch rims and 24 notches and hooks. The engraved top and sides create a unique cosmetic...
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    Custom Gauge Heavier Banjo Strings for Banjola/Dojo Also Ideal for Lower Open E and Open F Banjo Tuning These custom-gauge slightly heavier strings work great for bringing out the warm tones of a Banjola or Dojo. The Gold Tone Banjola, Dojo and other wood or resophonic banjo alternatives sound better with slightly heavier strings. It puts more tension...
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    Gold Tone Irish Tenor Banjo String Set  Best Gauges for Irish Tenor Banjo Tuning Irish Tuning String Gauges: .010, .020w, .030w, .040wThese custom-gauge Irish Tenor Banjo Strings  from Gold Tone are a perfect replacement set for your Irish Tenor banjo. They offer a balanced, warm-but-bright tone and are highly responsive, while maintaining playability...
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    Plectrum Banjo Strings These custom-gauge Plectrum Banjo Strings offer a balanced, warm-but-bright tone and are highly responsive, while maintaining playability and ease-of-use. The strings are ideal for musicians of all levels who demand versatility and quality, providing a rich, full-bodied sound that is perfect for their instruments.This pack of...
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    Long Neck Banjo Strings  - Replace Strings on a Long Neck Banjo These custom-gauge Long Neck Banjo Strings offer a balanced, warm-but-bright tone and are highly responsive, while maintaining playability and ease-of-use. These strings are ideal for musicians of all levels who demand versatility and quality, providing a rich, full-bodied sound that is...
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    Replacement Gold Tone Banjo Medium Light Gauge Banjo Strings Medium Light String Gauges: .010,.022w, .014, .012, .010 These are the string gauges that Gold Tone defaults too and arms on all their beginner and pro banjos with the exception of specialty 5-string banjo's like a Cello Banjo or ML-1.These are the ideal gauges for replacing the strings on...
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    Banjo Light Gauge Strings by Gold Tone String Gauges: .009, .022w, .013, .011, .009 These light-gauge Gold Tone banjo string gauges offer a bright and brilliant tone, while maximizing playability and ease of use. They work great for use on any 5-string banjo. This string set is lighter gauge and is easier to play and push down the strings....
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    Tenor Banjo Strings from Gold Tone These custom-gauge Tenor Banjo Strings offer a balanced, warm-but-bright tone and are highly responsive, while maintaining playability and ease-of-use. These strings are ideal for musicians of all levels who demand versatility and quality, providing a rich, full-bodied sound that is perfect for their instruments.These...
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    Little Mountain Wood Banjo Armrest - Fits All Bracket Configurations The Gold Tone Little Mountain Armrest is designed to fit banjos with any hook spacing. Recently redesigned for the Bela Fleck Signature banjo.It's unique mounting system rigidly holds the top plate free of the banjo tension hoop which helps tone which is why Bela Fleck uses one. These...
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    $209.00 $229.00
    Reduced price!
    ABS-C - condenser mic version clip on mic for banjos and resophonic guitars by Gold Tone The ABS-C Banjo and Dobro Pickup is a clip on small mic with an adjustable gooseneck so you can position it for the best sound and gets double the gain without a preamp.We’ve had enormous success with our ABS clip on mic for banjos and resonator guitars and now have...
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    Recording King PB-650 10-13/16-Inch Diameter Banjo Flange - Nickel Plated Replacement one piece banjo flange for 1930's Gibson style banjos. This flange is excellent quality and is Nickel Plated. It's a perfect replacement for 1930's style Gibson replica banjos. Banjos that are built and designed with a 3 ply maple rim, flathead or archtop tone ring and...
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    Deering Layered Stitched Leather Banjo Strap For Heavier Bluegrass Banjos - Dark BrownThis stylish Deering Layered Stitched Leather Banjo Strap offers a secure hold and comfortable support for your banjo, complete with a decorative yet practical brass ring.. The adjustable cradle strap is 2 1/2” wide and 3/16” thic. Designed for all Deering, Vega,...
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    Original Latch Type Paige Capo for Banjo We Bought the Remaining Paige Banjo Capos with the latch over system instead of the new hook around way of attaching the new models of Paige capos use. The latch over system is what I and many banjo players prefer.I bought what they had left of these and they are available why supplies last in both Black and...
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