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Tortoise Shell Banjo Thumbpick Replica

The "Torti" Pick

These thumbpicks are great, I'm really hooked on them. Banjo player and inventor Bill Stokes has designed a thumbpick that closely replicates the tortoise shell tone. (tortoise shell picks are illegal) Years ago, picks were made from real tortoise shell but that practice has been against the law for many years so entrepreneurs and designers have been trying their best to come up with a suitable replacement. The trick has been to come up with a thumbpick that provides the tone of the old tortoise shell picks and keep the costs down too. This is the best one I've seen by far. I highly recommend them. If you want to try one without the worry that they might not be what you expected the picks are money back guaranteed. I'm confident you'll really like them. I think a good thumbpick is worth the extra money. Remember the pick is where the tone starts, why cut corners there, but seriously if you do buy one and for some reason your not satisfied, please don't hesitate to return it, I'll refund the money, no questions asked.

Bill Stokes just agreed to make left handed tortoise shell replica thumbpicks too, available below, only at

Ross Nickerson, I just ordered & received my "Torti" Tortoise Replica Thumbpick Friday & love it.  I am still in the learning stage & I practiced today for 80 minutes & played the best I have ever had.  I played with my Goldtone 250 plus OB 5-string banjo which is also a fantastic banjo.  thanks again, Randal Rief

Hey Ross, Just received the Tortoise Shell Replica Thumbpick along with my Nick Picks and usual Thumbpick. I must say the "Torti" creates a much brighter tone. Switching between the two picks the "Torti" actually made the other thumbpick sound DULL!! Dennis Lottman

Torti Pick Customer
Ross, I just wanted to say what an amazingly fast service you have.  I ordered my pick on Sunday evening and it was here on Tuesday morning,  that's fast. ...., Tim.

Large White
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Medium White
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Ivoroid Large

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Custom Made Left Handed Large White Torti Thumbpick now available
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Tortoise Shell Pick Video Demo:

Pair of Bill Stokes Showcase 41 Picks
These fingerpicks are a reproductions of the classic pre-war National fingerpicks.
They are made from pure German nickel-silver and pre buffed. Pre-war shape nd tone.
Come packaged in pairs (2-picks).

Showcase 41 picks

A pair of Showcase 41 Picks
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Add a national thumb pick

Showcase 41 with
Large National Thumbpick
Showcase 41 with
Medium National Thumbpick

All accessories at are money back satisfaction guaranteed!

three picks

A set of picks
National Thumbpick and pair of Cobalt Coated Picks is all you need to get started picking the 5-string banjo.

Thumbpicks available in Small, Medium and Large.

Click here for more options on thumbpick sizes

Cobalt Nick Picks at Banjo
nick picks
Cobalt coated special designed custom picks designed for solid tone, comfort, and speed. Available only at, Bob Perry custom made these picks for me by my specifications. They fit back further on your finger like I requested for more comfort and power. The no hole design avoids those finger through the hole sores and more importantly gives the pick more mass for a thicker, fatter tone. These picks sound great, they're comfortable and the cobalt coating does what it says it does. The coating cuts string noise to nil and the picks glide over the strings. Bob also roughens up the inside of the pick so it grips better. I've been playing a long time, these picks are a break through.

Note: The cobalt coating does wear off eventually depending on the amount of use. Nick Picks can be recoated for 4.00 by sending them to Bob Perry, the manufacturer. His contact information is on the pick box. The Picks still sound and play good even if the coating has worn off too.The picks have money back satisfaction guarantee too. If you don't like just send them back for a full refund. No questions asked. ...... I really like the way they set further back on the finger. I take lessons on Friday and after my instructor heard me play with the new "Nick Picks",,, he told me to throw my old picks ( Dunlop ) away. ha

One Pair

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Pair of Nick Picks with added Large National Thumb pick

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banjo thumbpick

Pair of Nick Picks with added
Medium National Thumb pick

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Pick Strop
Polish your Banjo Picks with the Bill Stokes Pick Strop. Anyone who has seen his Showcase 41's finger picks knows how smooth and buffed the picks are. It not only cuts string noise and helps tone, it makes them a lot more comfortable too.

This works, I really like it, I use to rub the picks on anything I could find. Another well made intelligent banjo accessories from Bill Stokes. Ross N

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Do you have to squeeze your banjo fingerpicks or thumbpicks on too tight?

Try Sticky Picks

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